Role in Society

                   Law keeps the community in order. It takes into consideration the benefit the community as a whole could gain.Unwritten laws are also followed in a community. Unwritten law meaning traditions, cultures or practiced that the community follows. A simple example would be color that suits our gender. Pink stuff would be associated with females while blue materials would be associated with males. Truthfully this kind of situation shouldn’t matter but Society is a great motivator. Society tells you what to think and how to act.

                    In the situation of Chong she was motivated to do something to oppose a certain belief that the society practiced. She agreed to do the gang bang to oppose the idea that woman likes to cuddle. But analyzing her actions by doing that act she actually plays the power play that society initiated.A small part of her believes that way that’s why she wants to disapprove that thought.

                   Without even knowing it we play our part in the society. Since we grow up in a place with a system to follow we either accept it or not. Its cultivated to us ever since we are young that it affects our way of thinking and our action. In my previous statement I stated about the colors blue and pink being associated with gender. It was practiced since we were babies that as we grew up we still harbor this thoughts. If you research about this you’ll find out that in the earlier days they don’t follow this convention.White clothes were usually used regardless of gender but through time things changed. In this situation you’ll see how society manipulate the action and thinking of one person without them even realizing it.

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